Camp Westminster has been a ministry of Westminster Church of Detroit since 1925.

Through the wonder of creation, the rich abundance of inclusiveness, and the challenge of adventure, Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake creates community and extends hospitality where all people experience the love of God.

What we believe:

  • That the purpose of the camp is to develop independent, strong, and resilient young adults through the development of life skills.
  • That being unplugged and out in nature for the duration of a camp session gives children and youth a sense of well-being that lasts all year round.
  • That a well-trained, nurturing, and fun staff who are committed to each camper and to Christ is invaluable. We hire a diverse staff who will care for and lovingly challenge your child each day of camp.
  • That spiritual formation is a crucial part of each person’s faith journey.
  • That Earthcare is vitally important! We employ the “Leave No Trace” ethic both at Camp Westminster and on all of our trips.

We understand that during these unprecedented times, trying to keep your children engaged and interacting with other children while maintaining the 6-foot social distance is hard. At Camp Westminster, we strive to keep the kids connected with Camp even if it has to be virtual. Don’t worry, just because this is a virtual program, it doesn’t mean that your kids will be on the computer the whole time. Programs will include screen time, off-screen time, and check-in activities.  Please block off the following times for your camper to engage in a full and fun virtual camp session! We are excited to play with you. The link to register is provided below! Hope to see you all there!!